Monday, 28 April 2014

Cáel's memories,

Just had a little heart to heart with Cáel as he asked why Ellis had to go to heaven. I explained that Ellis's lungs didn't work properly and as he is a good swimmer he understood that you need air to breath.

I asked what he remembers about her and not to what he has been told but to think of his memories. He told me that he remembers her Darth Vader mask (nippy) and the special ship (wheelchair) they traveled in. He remembered 'Moucha man' ie Kartek one of the transplant team who had a moustache and the funny lady who used to bring tea and biscuits and dance in the room, after going through photo's he pointed out the lovely Davina. He also spoke of Gary and the drawings they did together. He had some random memories that even I had forgotten, which made me really happy and sad at the same time. Most of all he said that if Ellis loved him when she was here then she would love him now too.

Remember what is important in life as it may not be with you tomorrow.

Much love to you all x

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  1. It's funny what you forget and remember, I used to do Darth Vadar impressions when I used to visit my nan on oxygen in Hospital. Wise words from the both of you my dear, much love returned!!! Paul x