Battling Through The Years.

At just 2 days old i was being rushed to theater to have a major operation as the inside of my bowel was blocked the correct term for this is Miconium Ilius and is most common in patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), the operation was a success and after a few tests there was my diagnosis, i had CF.
I grow up with regular hospital appointments, a selection of pills and medications, physiotherapy, inhalers and nebulizers  Despite this i lived a fairly 'normal' life. I went to school, ran around with other kids, rode my bike, went to Karate and Gymnastic classes. An active outgoing kid.

Aged  10 i went to my regular clinic appointment, but this time my consultant told me she would like me to go onto the ward for iv antibiotics, confused i wasn't sure what was going to happen. I felt well, why did i need to go into hospital and stay? My first chest infection, Pseudomonas s had sprung apon me. Mum lead me to the children's ward, and into my own little room, the nurses greeted me and showed me the ropes, and made hospital seem not such a scary place. They even introduced me to a fellow CF inpatient (we didn't know about the cross infection rules back then) i played in her room and she taught me the macarina dance! I soon felt at ease and mum left. Little did i know this was about to be a new way of life for me.

Aged 12 i had my port o cath fitted ( A device under my skin just under my right armpit, it's an easier way of administrating iv's and taking blood, although it doesn't bleed back now ) i started going into hospital every 3 months for 2 weeks to keep on top of infections and try to keep them at bay.

Aged 15 i noticed a huge change in my health, i couldn't keep up with others, my 10 minute walk to school and back would sometimes be a huge struggle. The constant coughing, bringing up phlegm and alot more iv's. Mum could do them at home, i even started learning. Sometimes though hospital was just the best option. I didn't get out of school work though, my school would fax my work to the hospital ward school, and i would do it there, the hospital teachers were amazing though, probably better than my real teachers at mainstream school! I stayed in Great Ormand Street Hospital for 6 weeks that summer to get me well as possible for my operations. I had my PEG feeding tube fitted and a operation to stop my reflux.

Aged 16 i started college, (Craft Catering Course) A chef, a waitress, a barmaid, a server in the cafe and a baker) I did it all. It was physical stuff, but i was determined. Some days i would carry on until i was grey in the face, blue in the lips and could hardly no longer stand. It was a lot of hard work but somehow through sheer determination and stubbornness i completed my 2 year course, as well as doing my driving lessons which I past my test aged 17.

Aged 18 i had a massive birthday bash, a big hall, a nice dress, a fancy cake, a balloon arch and lots of guests. I was on iv's and not feeling great but i had a wonderful night. Soon after my party i deteriorated and FAST. Oxygen was introduced, coughing up blood, extremely breathless, i was going in and out of hospital every 4 weeks. So it was time to meet the transplant team. I  was accepted onto the transplant list just in time, if i'd left it just a tad longer i would of been simply to poorly to be listed. I ended up living on the CF Unit and would stay there until or if i got my transplant.

Aged 19 i got my breakthrough! A new pair of lungs!

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