The Transplant Journey.

29th August 2010 just 3 months of being on the waiting list for transplant i received my new heart and lungs. It took me 5 weeks to fully recover and i was discharged from hospital. I was a different person, inside and out all though technically i was still me. My appearance had changed, i had colour in my cheeks, red lips a fat round face from the steroids that they use to fight off rejection, and for the first time ever i was nearly a healthy weight!   Best of all, i could breath, walk and talk all at the same time. I could go up the stairs no bother, i could wash myself, dress myself and leave the house without worrying about oxygen, and where nearest car park was! I experienced things i used to only ever dream of, and had a life rather than just living. I completed a 10k walk (6.2 miles). Went on short bike rides, shopped until i dropped, partied, went camping, had fire in my belly, hurt in my heart, tears in my eyes, laughed until i cried and went a bit wild, been a bit rebellious and enjoyed every moment!! After all i was catching up on the teenage years i'd lost out
on. As an all rounder? transplant had given me the best and healthiest year of my life.

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