Sunday, 15 July 2012

Live life then give life xxx

Well I have been thinking about what to write on the blog, don't want to keep boring you all with my shitty stuff. After all it is Ellis's blog and I want it to stay that way.

Then a ray of sunshine came in the way of the attached link. Ellis knew many of the people featured in the link., after watching, it bought tears to my eyes and saddened me but it also gave me joy and hope.

Mike (pictured with wife Claire) had been in the next room in hospital with Ellis for a long period, and sadly passed away just a week or so before Ellis received her transplant. This was the day of the meteor shower so he really did go out with a bang!

Mike, who shared a very unique bond with Ellis, passed away just a few days before Ellis. When Ellis heard this very sad news and after shedding a few tears, Ellis smiled and said "I told you I was doing the right thing,  we always knew he would pass to the next life just before me so he can be waiting with a drink and a big smile on his face"  They had said this for many years, maybe somehow they knew x

Then there are the lovely girls, Kirstie, Amy, Kerry, Sophie and the lovely Chantelle who was Ellis Papworth buddy, often getting into trouble with the nurses for chatting too late into the night or not being around for their IVs.

So please take a look at the link and if you are on or are thinking of joining the organ donor register, please please discuss your wishes with your family.

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  1. Sorry Just noticed I put "Mike" instead of Alan who shared a very unique bond ... OMG Ellis will not be happy me making mistakes on her blog. Hope you and Alan will forgive me Ellis x