Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back on track.

Well, after the last post I am now, once again feeling more optimistic and getting back on track, (whatever that is meant to mean !!)

So at the weekend Ellis's good friend Jenni held a charity disco, in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. A great night was had by all and I think lots of people woke up with a sore head the next morning x I believe that over £1000 was raised. Well done Jenni.

Ellis's favorite little boy, started school this week and Ellis would be so proud of him and how well he is coping without her.  I know he misses her but he always talks about her with a smile on his face and remembers the fun they had and the songs they sang together.

When we was on the plane and Cael was looking out of the window, he asked  "Are we in the sky" Yes I replied. "Ellis is in the sky with the fairies and angels so can we pick her up, take her on holiday with us, and drop her off on the way home". Oh If only it was that simple.

Finally Ellis was involved in a number of different charities and I promised her I would raise money and awareness for these. So now that I am redundant as a full time mum, I now have more time to focus on getting the ball rolling. So details will follow shortly hopefully with details of a Christmas Celebration.

Note to myself - we don't know what lies around the corner, so just try and enjoy life as much as possible. xxx  Until next time - laugh a lot, love a lot and live a lot. xxx


  1. Hi, I hve been following your blog since Ellis died, but wasn't sure how to write to you, have now found out how!!! I dont remember Ellis, but my daughter Hilary was in Papworth - prob before Ellis, her story is so similar to yours, Hil had a transplant in 2003, had an incerdible 18 months - 2 years, then sadly had rejection, and although back on the list never got the 2nd chance and died in 2006.I can completely understand all the emotions you are going through, the sadness, depression, feeling such a major part of your life is over, but also the joy when her friends,&family fund raise. I also have a son, and with Hil,s great friends, wonderful family and friends our life has gone on ,albeit different. I always think Hil and I am sure your daughter, had such a wonderful way of enjoying every minute they could,that we owe it to them to keep going.
    When Hil died, I found it very strange not doing the regular trips to Papworth, the journey had become a regular routine,not seeing the Drs, nurses and the friends we met there, was a major change, we had been part of the wonderful hospital for over 6 years, my life seemed empty at times, then I would remember all the wonderful quality times we had had together, and I am so grateful,, as many families dont have that special bond with their daughters.
    I may be rambling on, but I really want you to know 6 years on, life does go on, obviously I still have sad days, especially now as some of her best friends are getting married, having children of their own,and I feel she has missed out on so much, but I also have taken on a new job in a Drs surgery, watched my son mature into a lovely young man who has now bought his first flat, and coped without his best friend beside him, and last year taken on a major cycle challenge, which I never thought I could do,
    I hope this may have helped you, and as I said before I just wanted you to know that I had been thinking of you over this very sad time

    1. I am so sorry for your loss Ruth and thank you for taking the time to contact me, it really does help knowing that other people undertand exactly how you feel. We didn't get transferred to Papworth until 2008 so we wouldn't have met, but you are right, the team are amazing.

      It is strange waking up and not hearing the sound of oxygen concentrator's or nebs or having to sort out the medication and doing the hospital trips. Even now my boy worries that no one will feed the ducks.

      Please feel free to contact me any time, if you are on facebook you can add me. Take care and once again thank you for your words of wisdom x Jo x