Monday, 15 October 2012

Keep shining angel.

6 months ago tonight was the last time I heard your voice, saw your beautiful brown eyes and your lovely smile. The last time I got to say "goodnight sweet dreams" and tell you that you had made me the proudest mummy in the world.  I will treasure the memories you gave me forever and will carry them deep within my heart. Your courage, wisdom and love for life is my guiding light, keep shining angel. xxxx


  1. I have to be honest I've had a bit of catching up to do on Ellis's blog & am writing this with a tear (or two) in my eye. Especially when listening to Darren's, Neil Young track, while looking at Ellis & Cael together, thinking of Jo's heartache and strength (which I can't even begin to comprehend) or generally just thinking how big & scary life can sometimes seem... But I am constantly drawn back to the last & most important sentence of this entry, which is worth holding on to!!!

    "Your courage, wisdom and love for life is my guiding light, keep shining angel."

    Simply perfect!!! One love to you all xxx

  2. Hi. I'm linked on here from the Circle of Moms site. I'm truly sorry for your immeasurable loss. Your daughter is so beautiful and came so far in life to have to die like this. I couldn't imagine how you are feeling. Thank you for sharing this blog. I lost a daughter in a hit and run accident, July 16, 2012 on her 30th birthday, and I am going through a maze of torment. Knowing you are sharing in similar grief somehow helps a wee bit - makes me realize I'm not the only one (because it seems like I am the only one among my friends). I hope you will be able to help forge ahead for a cure for CF - what a **horrible** disease. Bringing awareness to the disease, like you are with this blog will help. Wishing you all the best, Rosemary

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss Rosemary. Losing a child in any way isn't what is meant to happen. Its going to be a tough for us to get by but I am sure we will with the support of our friends, family and the people we come across over the net, like ourselves. Please feel free to contact me at any time, take care Jo x