Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sister Love.

We tip toe down stairs to take a peak, it's Christmas morning we're too excited to sleep, 
there we see them all under the tree, wrapped up presents for you and me.
We'd compare our presents, laugh and play just like 2 sisters on an ordinary Christmas Day. 
Years go by, we grow into our own, even though you are ill I never hear you moan! 
Now we're older and its Christmas Day we buy each other gifts and they're exactly the same, 
then You have a transplant a 2nd chance of life and boy aren't you living it, out every night! 
Now you're loosing your energy you are getting very ill, nothing can cure you not even the pills, 
you lay there peacefully your life's coming to an end, cystic fibrosis not even the medicine can mend. 
You are being so brave, inside I want to cry, you're only 20 I'm not ready to say good bye, 
then I get the phone call you have fallen asleep your out of pain now and you are at peace. 

Nearly 2 years have gone by since you became an angel in heaven and I miss everything about you every day love you always. You are out of pain now and at rest, it certainly is true god only takes the best!

Love you always your big sister Mandy.

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