Thursday, 2 July 2015

A message from Viv.

I received this message from Viv, Ellis's former CF paediatric nurse. Viv took care of Ellis pretty much all of the time she was in hospital and they had a great relationship. Feel so humbled that Ellis is remembered so fondly by those that new her.

Viv's message.

Today on the 30th June I went on a study day to Newmarket with some other CF nurses. The afternoon presentation was about transplants. A consultant from Papworth, named Helen Barker, gave a talk about patients on the transplants list. She spoke of a case, in 2010, when a young lady was placed on the transplant list, but whilst waiting for a donor she became very unwell and it was decided that patient be given palliative care as there was no suitable organs available. During that evening whilst Helen was writing up the palliative care drugs to keep the patient comfortable, Morphine and Midazolam, the call came saying they may have a potential donor, and the following morning the young lady went to theatre for a heart and double lung transplant! Then a picture appeared of a young lady smiling, post transplant. That young lady smiling down at us all was Ellis!!

Today the amount of organs available fall far short of the amount of organs required.

A beautiful young lady missed by many x

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