Sunday, 26 July 2015

Happy birthday my beautiful sister.

Your birthday is approaching, it is getting near,
I wish with all my heart that you were still here.
You were brave and an inspiration,
you loved life and never showed your fear.
I do so wish that I had more time with you,
you meant the world to me and a lot more too.
Wherever you are shine down on me bright,
and enjoy your birthday with all your might.
May your beautiful soul glow down on me,
until we are together again laughing happily.
You was an amazing sister, in fact you were the best,
then God made you an angel, because you needed to rest.
Now you are free and out of pain,
you can spread your wings and fly again.
Flying up, up high into the sky,
whilst I stay strong for you and try not to cry.
I will never stop missing you.
I will love you forever.
Happy birthday my beautiful sister.
Love Mandy.

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