Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jordan & Georgie, my inspiration.

Jordan Carissa Caprani 29/07/1995 - 10/03/2011 

My inspiration in life is my friend Jordan, she really was one of a kind. Beautiful, funny, feisty and strong and loved by everyone. Jordan was only tiny but made up for her height with her huge personality!! If she didn't like something she would tell you, she spoke her mind and wasn't afraid to be her own person. She really was one in a million.

I've known Jordan since forever really she also had Cystic Fibrosis, i used to see her in clinic when we were younger she'd always be wearing her stripy tights lol! Then we used to be on the ward regularly together, ooh how we used to keep the nurses on their toes. We would run around playing back to base. We would sneak out the ward and go up and down in the lifts, play hide and seek (jordz would take it a step further and hide for hours from the nurses when she was meant to be going to school) lol tut tut. I used to push her around in a little spare pram they kept on ward she was small enough to fit in it lol! We used to throw water bombs out the windows using rubber gloves, she taught me how to play the dance matt she always beat me though and also thrash everyone at scrabble, and complete all the play station games before anyone else i'm sure she was good at everything lol! I really looked up to Jordan she dealt with so much but always stayed strong and determined, although she was younger than me i really admired her. It's hard growing up especially with CF and we were a great support system for each other. I was so proud to see her grow into a beautiful young lady.

Georgie Stedman 06/07/1992 - 09/12/2009/

Georgie was also a close friend of mine and Jordan. She was pretty, confident,  popular and funny. We would all hang around the ward together in our own little CF gang causing mischief! I remember we were doing the old water bomb trick out the window but little did we know we had hit a hospital security guard, he come up to the ward and told the nurses that two young girls had been seen throwing water bombs at passers by and one had hit him.. -OOPS. Nurses told us not to do it again, but you could see they saw the funny side :) Georgie and Jordan were very close, they went on a shopping trip once and Jordan looked up to Georgie as a big sister. I miss them both dearly, and it still causes me great pain that they're gone, i hate CF for taking them away from me but without out it wouldn't of met 2 such amazing ladies.

Me and Jordz together :)

Visiting Jordz just after her one year anniversary 


  1. You three were certainly a lot for the nurses to handle when you all in together. Georgie and Jordan will never be forgotten x Love you x

  2. A lovely little trubute to ur friends, i was thinking this morning of writing about my friends xx Reading what you three got up to in hospital makes me remember all the trouble we used to get into as kids on the ward too, so many of my friends aren't here anymore and it's so hard but its good to look back on good times xx We used to use our drip stands as skate boards at night and have races down the corridor to the vending machines to get dairy milks!! :) xxx