Friday, 9 March 2012

Welcome :)

Hey guys welcome to my blog :) My first post eek! (Sorry if it's a boring one not got much to report)
I decided to create a blog to keep friends updated, and also for my own sake, sometimes i feel the urge to just shout out what i'm feeling without hurting my throat and i figured this was the best way to do it. I have created a few pages which basically tells my story so far so please read.

I'm in hospital at the moment, have been in for 8 days now having iv's and physiotherapy and also succeeding in my mission to gain weight, put on 2kg so far woohoo! Not loads but a good step in the right direction. The extra weight should get me a little stronger, and help fight off my infections easier and hopefully keep me out of hospital longer than 2 weeks at a time!
On ward round this morning my consultant said he will think about home on Monday. I'm not listening to that, I've learned never to believe that your going home until your in the car about to drive away. lol.
Anyway i know when i'm truly ready to go home as i'll start getting itchy feet, moody and bossy! That's not quite kicked in.. YET.

This admission has not been too bad actually i know a few people who are in at the moment too so it's nice to have someone to talk to. It hasn't particularly dragged either. I think it's bearable when you can see your improving. I'm walking a lot further than i could manage before and i am not breathless when i'm just sitting. I even managed to go for a drive yesterday only to Tesco's which is 15 minutes away but before even the thought of driving would just tire me out., so yay for me. I also finished my Jodi Picoult book i was reading called 'Change Of Hearts' read it within 2 days, i was quite impressed with that considering I've not read a book in years, well other than one of my 4 year old brother's Gruffalo or Bob the Builder books to him, does that count? lol. I've stocked up on my book collection now and i shall try to keep up the reading.

I have my lovely friends and family coming up tomorrow which is good, weekend's can be rather boring in hospital, especially when it's quiet. For now though i have chocolate, coke,  marshmallow's and DVDs including the first series of 'Miranda' everyone rated it so thought i would give it a try. This shall keep me occupied until my little brother gets here with mum, not seen him for over a week!! He has gone to nursery dressed as his favorite book character this afternoon (Harry Potter) haha look forward to seeing him, will add pictures if he is willing to stand still long enough for a photo lol.

Like i said sorry if it's a bit of a boring post, been working on my blog all day, still not how i want it but tired now and my bum is getting sore from sitting in the same chair for a few hours as it's the only place i can get  good internet signal.    

Harry Potter himself :)

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