Wednesday, 16 May 2012

One very emotional month.

Well it has been one very emotional month since Ellis had to go, why she didn't have more time with us God will only know. When we get sad and realise we will not see her again, we stop and think that she is now at peace and is no longer in any pain.  xxxx

The farewell ceremony held for Ellis on Friday was simply perfect. Mandy read a beautiful poem which she had written. Mani read words from her Transplant Consultant along with his own tribute. Finally Daren performed a very special song for Ellis, which was simply breathtaking.  Thank you for everyone who attended and made the day truly special.

Ellis carefully chose the music which was played, these and Daren's song are linked below for you all, along with some pictures of Ellis which we had at the Service and some of the floral tributes.

Forever young by Johannaonair -

There you'll be by Faith Hill -

Worlds Greatest by R.Kelly -

Everything Changes by Daren -

Ellis 18th birthday x

Mum & Mani's flowers x

   Cáel's flowers x

Mandy's flowers x

Our brown eyed girl x

It is difficult to find the words that can express our feelings at this time, we just have to take each day as it comes as no two days will be the same. We try to carry the courage and strength that Ellis showed with us in our daily lives, which seems to help. We are all extremely proud of Ellis, and miss her deeply, today, tomorrow and forever. 

Finally, Dreamflight, a charity that took Ellis on a holiday of a lifetime to Florida, was always close to her heart. She swam with dolphins, visited Disneyland  and her dreams really did come true. Donations in memory of Ellis can be made via Neville Funeral Service on 01582 490005. 

Thank you xxxx            

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