Sunday, 29 April 2012

Never walk alone.

Well as you readers will know, it is very nearly two weeks since our beautiful Ellis had to spread her wings to watch over us. We also know that we promised to update her blog regularly and keep her memory alive, but it isn't that easy! Our words are not her words, our thoughts are not her thoughts, so we will just have to do our best, here goes ....

The amount of support that we have received has been amazing, not just from family and friends but from total strangers. Some have blogged about "this courageous young woman who could teach us all about life and loss", others have sent cards via friends (some have even managed to find our address, bit scary!). So it is comforting to know that Ellis really has touched peoples lives.

Today Ellis's close family and friends participated in a 10k sponsored walk on behalf of the CF Trust. Well as you probably guessed the weather was rainy, rainy, windy and oh yeah rainy!! But a promise is a promise and trek through the muddy puddles we did, until after about 2.5 hours we completed the task in hand. We also know that we will never walk alone as Ellis will always be by our sides. The money is still coming in so far, between us we have raised about £2000.00 an outstanding amount of money but it could be more so if your feeling generous, touched or inspired you can still sponsor by using the link Ellis put on previously.

Well that's about it for now, please let us know if we are doing good with Ellis's precious blog.

Until next time.

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