Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Well, it's two months now since Ellis had to leave us. Yes every day is still incredibly difficult, things we can take comfort form one day will not help the next so every day is very different. I think the trick is to not look too much into the future, keep as busy as possible and allow a little time to cry and grieve but not to let it override everything else. So if I feel my emotions getting the better of me I literally try to start the day afresh,   as one of Ellis favourite songs says "pick yourself up and try again".

I now feel able to start compiling Cáel's memory box, following the instruction's which Ellis left for us of course! Cáel has also chosen some pics of him and Ellis to go in his room, so off to buy some frames.

Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who made a donation to dreamflight in memory of Ellis, over £540 was collected.

Lastly I thought I would leave you on a note that I know would have made Ellis laugh and she probably would have used it as her facebook status, so hope it puts a little smile on your faces too.
So Cáel is talking about different parts of the body and asking about the heart and lungs etc. When we get to the kidneys he says "well I have Kidneys now because I am small but when I grow up like daddy I will have adult knees" 

Sometimes you just have to laugh. After all, whatever life holds in the future, life will go on. So we owe it to ourselves, and to those we have lost, to try and make the most of it  xx

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