Sunday, 15 April 2012

Roller coaster ride.

Hi all, just a quick update on behalf of Ellis.

Well over the last few days Ellis has remained strong, determined and very up beat. She has managed to spend some precious quality time with family and friends without being in any pain or discomfort and has been totally chilled out. Last night was spent hand and finger painting with Cael, which was lovely. He even shared his special baba (blanket) with her !

She has requested no visitors today as she just needs some peace and quite, however she is reading your posts, when her eyes are a bit blurry, we read them to her. She wanted to thank you all for your support, understanding and kind messages.

Drugs have been fiddled with a bit which have made her a little confused. She woke up a while ago thinking she had been on Stealth, keep thinking those good thoughts sweety. She is now going to attempt to watch Britains got Talent, as she was most annoyed at being too sleepy to watch it last night.

Jo - Ellis' mum


  1. thaink about and pary that your ok and am if u need to talk

  2. Hi Ellis & Jo.
    Hope you both have a good day today. And Ellis, judging by some of the contestants on BGT watching with blurry eyes is not such a bad thing !!