Monday, 2 April 2012

Pluck, Thread Or Wax?

So I've been in hospital since Thursday, came in as i had started to feel extremely tight chested and breathless, my appetite had disappeared. Been in 4 days now, my chest isn't as tight but I've still not really improved much, still waiting on the antibiotics to kick in i guess.
Yesterday was not a good day at all i felt really down and angry at the world, once i get myself in that mood it's hard to snap out of it. Plus my left lung was being a bitch and would not stop rumbling, driving me crazy. Been a bit more chirpier today although my lung is still rumbling and i'm still not where i want to be after 4 days of iv's. Anyway enough of the boring stuff, the staff were laughing at me earlier as i was laying on my bed with my mirror in one hand and tweezers in the other, plucking away. Eyebrows were looking a bit dodgy so had to sort that out because it was annoying me, feeling better now they're done and look nice again, also every pluck seemed to take away a little bit of stress haha. I then caused a debate about which is best plucking/threading or waxing.... opinions?
Was flicking through my magazines yesterday and spotted Jessie J wearing the exact same tiger jumper i've got,
come on Jessie get your own style ;) haha!   
Well i'm off to have my dinner now by that i mean a tuna melt panini lol. 
Oh and i just want to say my blog has had over 1000 views which i'm very happy about. So thanks everyone who reads and all the great feedback it makes it seem all worth while :)

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