Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Keep Calm And Sleep.

Keep Calm And Sleep,

These were the words that Ellis took to bed with her on Sunday night, quite literally on her PJs, typical!

Ellis was honest and happy throughout, confirming exactly what her wishes were. She remained dignified and in control and her will did not falter.

Her illness gradually took away most of her choices in life but at the end, which is where she found herself,
she made sure that it would not take her final and most important one away too.

It was not a selfish decision that Ellis made, but one that benefited us by giving us the opportunity to see and be with her in a way that we had not seen for a long time, comfortable, happy and at ease. However, as much we knew, as a family, in our hearts that it was the best decision she could make for herself, it didn't make it easier.
Selfishly, we tried to make her change her mind and make her keep fighting, but who would she be struggling on for, her or us?

After several days spending time with the people she loved and after reading all of your kind messages, our most beloved, beautiful and courageous young lady, fell peacefully asleep in the arms of her mum.

We would like to join Eliis in thanking everyone for their heart felt support throughout her short but obviously very wise life.

May her wisdom and courage remain with us all during our time of need and inspire us throughout our lives.

We love you Ellis.

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